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Cynthia PlouchÉ and the Alzenia Project



The Alzenia Project: "Empowering the Movement" Non-Profit Fundraising Gala was a resounding success, raising an impressive $20,000 to support our five grantees. The event was held on September 28, 2023, in the fantastic Art Center in Highland Park, IL, bringing together supporters, donors, and members of our community for an unforgettable evening.

Highlights of the Event:

Opening Reception: The event began with a warm and welcoming reception, where guests had the opportunity to connect with fellow supporters, board members, and grantees.

As they entered the wonderfully curated Art Center, they were greeted with an ambiance of hope and unity.

Inspirational Grantees: We were honored to have each of our grantees present, to share the impact of their organization's work on the community. Their heartfelt interactions served as a reminder of the importance of our mission at The Alzenia Project.

Silent Auction: The gala featured a silent auction with a variety of exclusive items and experiences donated by local businesses and generous supporters. Bidders competed enthusiastically, contributing to the total funds raised.

Fundraising Initiatives: The heart of the evening was our fundraising efforts. Attendees were inspired by our mission and generously contributed to the causes we support. The incredible spirit of giving was evident as the donation tally continued to rise throughout the night.

The Alzenia Project’s "Empowering the Movement" Non-Profit Fundraising Gala was an unforgettable evening of unity, hope, and philanthropy. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and the dedication of our team, we successfully raised $20,000 to further our mission of supporting organizations who are creating a brighter future for young women of color.

This event served as a powerful reminder of what can be achieved when a community comes together for a common cause. We are deeply grateful to all who attended and supported our gala, and we thank you for your support to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of those we serve, through our partnership with our incredible grantees.

Acknowledging Donors: We took the time to acknowledge our most significant donors and sponsors, expressing our heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering support.

Closing Remarks: The gala concluded with a heartfelt message from our organization's president, Cynthia Plouché expressing our gratitude for the attendees' overwhelming generosity and discussing the positive impact the funds would have on our mission.

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Brown Girls Do Ballet

Dallas, Texas

Increasing participation of underrepresented populations in ballet.


Caroline and Ora Smith Foundation

Lansing, IL

Supporting and training Native American girls and women in STEM.


Polished Pebbles

Chicago, Il

Helping African-American and Latinx tween and teen girls become effective communicators at home, school, and their future careers


Curt's Cafe

Evanston, IL

Providing inspiration, leadership, life and job skills, training, and job placement for youth.



Franklin, Tn

Rock The Street, Wall Street is a financial and investment literacy model, designed to bring both racial and gender equity to the capital markets and spark the interest of a diverse population of high school girls towards careers in finance.


the sisterhood of radcliffe podcast


It's a podcast series and a movement. Women across the generations inspiring and empowering women across the world.

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 12.41.27 PM.png

Series 1: The Sisterhood of Radcliffe
The Sisterhood of Radcliffe is a five-episode podcast series that highlights the challenges and achievements of an accomplished group of black women who first met in 1975 as students at Harvard University's Radcliffe College. This podcast series is hosted by India Carney, a multi-talented singer and entertainer.

​Series 2: Do Something Glorious!
(Coming November 2023)

Do Something Glorious is our second limited-episode podcast series. The women founders of Alzenia Project’s grantee organizations, answered the question: “How do I do me for the greater good of we?” This is a behind the scenes look at the lives and life-works of the women who founded Brown Girls Do Ballet (TaKiyah Brown), Curt's Cafe (Susan Garcia Trieschmann), the Caroline and Ora Smith Foundation (Mary Smith), Polished Pebbles (Kelly Fair) and Rock the Street, Wall Street (Maura Cunningham). This podcast series is hosted by Janus Adams, Emmy award-winning journalist, historian, entrepreneur, and author.


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